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Tank Capacity, Part Handling & Processing

Anodize Type II (Clear Anodize, Dyed Anodize, W/Teflon)
Anodize Type III (Clear Hardcoat, Dyed Hardcoat, Hardcoat W/Teflon)

Tanks-144”L x 30”W
The anodizing process gives aluminum alloys a number of attributes, which improve corrosion resistance, lubrication and surface hardness of the part being plated. Other attractive characteristics of anodizing include: wear resistance, aesthetics, heat dissipation and a lower coefficient of linear expansion than treated aluminum. It is one of the most environmentally-friendly metal finishes available.  Anodizing provides the ability to dye the oxide layer of the part for identification purposes and it can serve as a pretreatment process for painting as the oxide layer provides increased benefits for adhesion or bonding purposes.

In addition to the characteristics of Type II anodize, Type III (hardcoat anodize) offers the benefits of exceptional abrasion resistance, tight tolerances and excellent dielectric strength.